Friday, June 01, 2012

Everyone has Gone

It is quite common for this 4wd ute of Roger's to blow fuses.  It is still a work in progress.  There was a fuse here that got S going this morning but he was not in a hurry to leave.  He went to the shops and then locked the keys in the car.  I did not know this was happening until Roger appeared on the doorstep looking for a wire coat hanger.  It just so happened that he had a job at the local caravan park and S phoned him for a rescue before he had even got to the job.

S came back here and R went to work after the break-in.  S was still troubled and he could not handle the fast pace when my friend Jan came over to visit me and get away from her life.  He said that we (referring to Jan and myself) made him scared.  I just told him it was time to leave because he had just been postponing it.  While he was packing up his gear and I was talking to Jan in the garage where I allow the tobacco smokers, Roger pulled up having finished his job.  We were all out there and S even bummed a cigarette from Jan.  He says he has 6 or 8 a year but usually cigars.  Roger was smoking too and yet he had to have a dig at me for "still" vaping in his joking kinda way that always meant that he was getting laughs at my expense.  I remember that.  I don't miss it.  An ex is an ex.

S explained to his father what his plans were and Dad did not approve.  He wants him to stay with him and he told me earlier in private that if he goes to Brisbane, that's the last time I'll be helping him.  Heard that one before too.  I told him to chill because he's more likely to be back than not.  S told him that he was going to Brisbane to live in a hostel.  He has found one but has decided not to go until he finds out about the job for sure.  We all agreed that would be best.  Jan was privvy to all of this.

S left three times.  First he came back and was speaking to Roger about the car.  Next he came back for a protein shake that he told me he doesn't want to use.  It has been sitting around untouched for a couple of months and it seemed to be a huge decision for him whether to take it or not.  I half suspect he came back to hear the rest of the conversation going on here because Roger was still here.  By three o'clock I had decided that he had really gone this last time.  Once the ceiling fan inspector turned up and I was otherwise engaged, Roger left after being stuck talking with Jan in my absence and then Jan went home.

Finally I could have a shower.

Ocean Grove 1964
Where is this?  Did we have a picnic at hanging rock? 1963

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