Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Sacred Kingfisher and Forgetting Brisbane Living

Yesterday, I went for a ride on my scooter and I am still trying to feel comfortable enough with it so that I can call it my second home and so that I can stop thinking about bumps, gradients, debris, and whether I can get through this way without having to go on the road. I saw either a Mangrove or Sacred Kingfisher on the Mangrove Boardwalk and I just sat there for a while in a sunny sheltered spot. I putted along slowly to visit a fisherman on the grassy bank on the edge of the Pumicestone Passage. It was somewhat gusty at times (worse today) and I started to get really cold when the sun went back behind the clouds but I didn't want to come home straight away so I wrapped myself up in an ugly rain coat just around my legs. I was happy that I got my vitamin D for the day and that I didn't use up much energy doing it so that my new toy is serving a purpose. Actually I did use too much energy. I spent the heat that was in my body so next time I must take more warm clothes even if it is fine and warm when I leave. I think it was getting chilled that made me feel so horrible and achey today including my neck glands. Had more gut pains too.


I also had a phonecall from guess who last night saying that he was going to be on his way to Brisbane today and that he would call in and pick up his mail. I reminded him to check that the accomodation he had planned was still available BEFORE he went.   However, I did not see him all day.  I got another call at about 6 pm tonight asking me for a pair of headphones because he was actually on his way and would call in to pick them up.  So you've heard from your new boss then, I asked.

By the time he got here he had phoned (while driving) the lady who was in charge of the hostel only to find out that there was no longer a room - he hadn't checked before he left after all.  He was then either going to sleep in the car tonight in Brisbane or stay here the night and find another place tomorrow when he got there.

He made some phonecalls and jumped on the Net and then realised that he was heading to Brisbane for no good reason because his new boss was not going to be his new boss after all.  No room left on the roster.  He had his chance when he had it and missed it it seems with both the job and the accommodation so now the tune has changed again.

He does not want to live in a "shelter" as he called it and he has set his sights back on being an independent solar sales person in Noosa where he would like to live but in the meantime he would go back to Kin Kin with his Dad (he had already suggested he live here permanently during the evening but once again I said "no").

Jan says that she couldn't be so forceful about it with her son but she is glad he is not with her now.  I think she was surprised last time she was here when she heard me say "Go home" at how easy it seemed for me to say.  It has not been easy really but I know I cannot deal with the stress and I actually live in fear of him coming here.

His next QCAT (blue card) hearing is on Friday so he will be heading to Brisbane probably via here at some time.

Bad news:  The company pruning around the sewerage pumping station completely cut down my Lilly Pilly, the one that was struggling to come back to its former glory after I found holes and dead leaves on one of its twin trunks.  I was blaming the Council but after a phone call to them they told me it would have been Unity Water.  I assume it is my land but even the council could not tell me that and neither could Unity Water who said they would put in a report and phone me back..........one day.

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