Thursday, June 28, 2012

Name came up on the Elective Waiting List

I did add more to the last post in case you missed it.  It wasn't much of a post.

I finally caught up with Jan today and Marina this week too.   It is funny that I have been out in the wettest coldest time of the year but it means I am feeling somewhat better, but I just don't last very long. Half hour stints have been OK.  I tried to go shopping for a TV for the bedroom but I got too peculiar and allergic to standing again so I gave up when I could not get a park right out the front of the second shop I went to.  It has not been scooter weather.  Back to online shopping.

On Wednesday S phoned once he was already on his way here. I am trying to get him to phone well in advance but it takes a while to sink in.  He interrupts my plans. He was really just wanting the facilities and he has been here for two nights.  His mood is not settled by any means.  He was going to check out rentals today but it did not happen. He's changed his mind.  This visit, I feel like my life has revolved around his indecision about what laptop to buy.  Looking things up for him.  Trying to teach him to do a side-by-side comparison of features.  It mostly all revolves around him and his needs but then out of the blue he goes and buys me a top from K-Mart (size 12 yesterday, size 8 today when he took the size 12 back because he didn't like it on me).  It is the thought that counts they say.  But I can see I have to fit in to the ones that are on special.  I wonder what tomorrow will bring - hopefully a size 14?  He will be leaving tomorrow.  I say so.

Potentially Life Changing News:  Ange and family are moving to Brisbane, not for 9 months but that will mean seeing even less of Connor for me - much less - because I suspect S will be much more likely to drive to see him than I will.  He may even have more of  a reason to move there himself.  I really miss not being able to see Cohen.  We missed Christmas so I am now aiming for Christmas in July.  It has never happened like that before and now it is going to happen with Connor too.

Endoscopies:  I had a phone call yesterday lining me up for the pre-admission clinic next week and both procedures are being done on July 18.  I don't know whether it is am or pm but I suppose it will lay the Whipple's Disease hypothesis to rest.  Colonlytely here I come.  Yuk stuff.  Hopefully they will leave me alone for at least another five years after that.  I can't wait until it is over already.

I have been blaming taking Tramadol or codeine for the constipation that seems to have got into a cyclic pattern for well over a year now.  You know the big D has always been my most prominent gut problem until then.  I have discovered by quitting all those pain killers on a daily basis that it makes no difference.  I am still alternating between C and D with more gut cramps than I have had for years and all these pains around my rib cage as well now.  The pain on the right side has been around for about the same time but these left sided ones are this year's addition to the list of symptoms I have.  Is the list ever going to stop getting longer?  I have been having lots of prickles on my skin and a few itchy lumps, nothing major but what is causing it?  I always have something erupting on my face these days too not to mention this strange eczema-like red blotches that can get crusty but also alternate between itching and stinging.

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