Monday, June 18, 2012

Dr Lewis and Car Doctors

I emailed that guy you suggested Zena to see if he will take new patients in 2013.  I knew about him from others but it all seemed so hard so I missed out and I knew you were coming up this year so maybe next year?  His web site says he is not taking new patients now.   I think I would rather see him than the one in Brisbane simply because I will have your support.  I don't think I can keep on pushing myself to go it alone.

Donvale Specialist Medical Centre
Suite 8, 90 Mitcham Road, Donvale VIC 3111
phone: (03) 9841 4500

 S is still here, trying to find a part for this Rodeo with an Isuzu motor which he finally got but he has called his father anyway because the tools we had here were not long enough or something and Roger just happens to be in Maroochydore.

Connor was taken home yesterday afternoon.  He is now into a computer game called Minecraft at his other Nana's house but he spent quite some time on youtube watching instructional videos on how to play the game, hints and tips.  Things ARE that complicated in the gaming world.  It is way too hard for me!  I'll stick with Dragonvale.  He still likes that too.

I booked my car service for tomorrow but Dwayne turned up this morning early and I was up so I let him take it.  It was back in time for S to use it to run around in.  No comments are necessary at this point in your reading.  I am up for a few significant repairs in 6 months time and a couple of front tyres Now!  Here I was thinking I had a chance to get to stay a day or so in HB to see B and Cohen.  Now it is tyres first and by the time his birthday comes along, he will have his license back and will have to get their car registered but then he can drive down here and install my RAM I've been waiting for since Xmas.  B actually phoned me today but now he has broadband again so I guess it will be easier to keep in touch.  I'd love to Skype or do a Google Hangout with Cohen again like we used to.

Was happy to see my Pale-Headed Rosella pair back this year to pick at the seed heads on the Crepe Myrtle now that it is bare-leafed.

I'm going back to cutting my toe nails and then my toes will be getting plonked on the foot warmer.

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