Friday, June 15, 2012

Registering Mobility Scooters and more slides

To register a mobility scooter in Qld and get CTP insurance for free you have to: Get a letter from your doctor, Fill in a Registration Application Form (F-3518), Fill in a Vehicle Details Form (F-3529), Fill in a Motorised Wheelchair Statement (F-4414) and then write a statement of acquisition letter with seller details, date of purchase and cost. This will keep me busy for a while before I even get to Main Roads. 

I am NOT allowed to ride it in bike lanes!

S is coming down over the weekend which could mean today and we will hopefully be getting Connor so Dragonvale, here I come.  (It's a game Mum - for the ipod, iphone and ipad).

I am feeling much better.  Still have some pain but it is not bad enough to stop me enjoying the lovely weather.

Mt Baw Baw 1965 (but the slide casing says 64 M)

Was trying to be artistic 1964
I'd rather try the Bounceball

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