Saturday, June 09, 2012

Undies, Socks and Noosa

All morning I had been trying to duck out just long enough to grab some undies and socks from K-Mart.  It's too hard online.  I sucked it up (against body's wishes) and went to K-Mart after lunch.  It has been raining a lot and being a weekend it was hard to get a park close enough.  I was just about to leave after circling several times when a car pulled out.  I marched in briskly looking like a fit grandmother in her leggings and long boots.  But I discovered that boots and two pair of socks don't keep my feet warm.  I sat down on the lounge inside the shopping centre getting ready for the next spurt and 10 minutes later I was sitting on the floor at the bottom of a 3 tiered stand of cheap underwear looking for my size/s (one size for bloated, sensitive to touch tum days, one for not).  At the checkout having to queue, had me sitting down again on the empty bottom of a display stand, then squatting when I got further down the queue.  All this because of racing heart and light-headedness and the more general woeful feeling that I get.

I was really jealous of the lady in the queue who was on her mobility scooter.  She was brave to go out and risk the rain.  We struck up a conversation and she let me in front of her in the queue.  All this pantomime of dizziness was followed by a brisk walk back to the lounge chair so that no-one could possibly believe how I felt on the inside.  I desperately wanted to get out of the shopping centre that was incubating the local virus being spread by too many people in too small a space but I really needed to sit for 15 minutes before I strode back to the car also armed with some exotic thick looking socks and leg warmers from a Chinese import stand in front of K-Mart.

I could not get in my driveway when I arrived home just as it was beginning to spit with rain.  There was a car in the drive.  An oldish extended cab 4 wheel-drive ute.  It was "you know who" back from Brisbane already after spending the night in the car.  I wonder how his gear faired in the rain.  He was actually ready to leave but after moving the car so I could get in I was expecting him to come inside but he had already been inside and made a cuppa, used the Net and was heading to Noosa.  He did come in and tell me eventually but it was the short version.  So much for living in the big smoke.

He thinks the hearing went well and he has a good chance but the final decision has not been made yet.  He went to check out at least one hostel but there is a minimum stay of 28 days.  Perhaps that means an up-front payment.  I'm afraid that is all I know.  In the last 24 hours he seems to have found a place to move into tonight at Noosa.  I assumed when I saw his car in the driveway that he would be staying the night so this was a surprise.  He and I spoke only for a few minutes and then he left.  I went with the flow of things as it all unfolded without any involuntary inner adrenaline surges which was a nice change.

He liked my boots. LOL

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