Friday, May 02, 2003

Hope for a better future

Written on MayDay

I was impressed with two people today. Firstly my new doctor and secondly my new lawn mowing man.

My lawn mowing guy showed me that my paths really do have nice straight edges to them and this man will run late rather than skimp on the job. Not sure whether I can say that about my new doctor yet but so far, I am impressed. It is a pity that I was so unwell that my brain was in bovine mode again because he was full of interesting research about the fibromyalgic/chronic fatigue syndrome from a nutritional point of view. I’ve forgotten a lot of the technical stuff and everyone who knows me knows that it is the technical stuff that I thrive on. Anyway he knows what he is talking about even if he is biased towards his own theory of cause of CFS. He asked me things that I could relate to, which means that he has a real understanding of what I’m going through. He asked me how long it took for me to recover from a big day. The answer mattered. I think I am falling in love with my doctor. And I am full of hope tonight. Hope for better health.

I have not read the material that he has given me yet but this doctor Scoot (yes another one) believes that the cause of this fibro/CFS is a mycoplasma infection. Blood tests revealed Mycoplasma pneumoniae at the same time as Influenza (A) some time in my past. He also believes that it (and many other autoimmune diseases like Crohn’s) is associated with a leaky gut but the tests for that are hugely expensive. But we have not tackled treating that yet. The trick is to get rid of the inflammation that allows the leakage of all the toxins, antigens or whatever in the first place. And I guess I am going to have to go on a restrictive diet. Everything is subject to a battery of blood tests taken today. I was not thinking straight enough to remember but it included things like a certain hormone level rather than the regular hormone check for menopause, maybe even that gut bacteria that causes ulcers, iron levels…four bottles of blood’s worth anyway. He only ran tests covered by medicare bulk-billing pathology thank goodness. He thought that all Crohn’s and CFS sufferers should receive intravenous B1, B6 and B12 on a regular basis so I ran to the chemist, bought the ampules and then went back to the pathology nurse out the back for the two jabs in the backside. One each cheek. Oh, they hurt, sting and then ache but I love the potential they have for a quick boost to energy. I will line up for some more next appointment. The aim is blood saturation. I’ve been trying to get B12 approved from the Golden Beach surgery for over 12 months.

The one other thing he wanted me to do straight away was to buy a herbal immune system booster by a company called Eagle which he takes. It is not available off the shelf but naturopaths and other alternative practitioners can supply it by script only. I did not know that even Health Food Shops had certain brands or stuff that they kept under the shelf because it can not be supplied without a practitioners authorisation…I guess he just uses the medical prescription as his authorisation but many health food shops and chemists were not aware that those with naturopathic or homeopathic rooms out the back often hold the stuff behind the counter. I found one that stocks the brand (usually…before recall) but not the particular product. He wanted me to get Eagle brand, Cats claw echine capsules. It contains cats claw, Echinacea, olive leaf and astragalus. He takes it for his immune system. Anway, I could not find anyone who stocked it and as the brand is on recall, it is not worth going out to Forest Glen where the big alternative health stockists are. A naturopath at the local Alternative Health clinic in Golden Beach made me up a distillation of Echinacea, olive leaf, cats claw, liquorice and grapeseed. I can buy astragalus any place. And on my rounds I found out that they did recall my brand of glucosamine sulfate but bottles of 30 only…I had bottles of 90. Weird! Anyway, I have to go back to the doc in a couple of weeks but I have not made the appointment yet because I am coming up to a run of dental appointments in that week plus another lot of marking followed shortly thereafter by another lot and then the exams. One more week left to recover before the next onslaught.

Nearly forgot. He was concerned enough about my tachycardia and murmur to order an echocardiogram. I always get a racing heart when I am fluey-like. Doesn’t everyone? I will try to get that done tomorrow. He assumes my fever is part of a gut virus. But I did not go there for that.

Here is the same article Dr Scoot gave me in printed form.

He also gave me a questionnaire to fill in from a company called Bioscreen.

Scoot has been abducted

I was out getting toilet paper or something yesterday evening and came home to find a note from Angel which read:

Hey Judy!!

I’ve kidnapped your son for the night. If you want him back deposit $2 million into my account. He will not require food tonight as bread and cordial is all he requires. If the transaction does not occur you will be seeing him tomorrow.

The strange thing is that I did not deposit the $2 million yet Scoot has not returned tonight either [not that I am worried about it].

The war between Breville and his Boss continues and now I pay the price

Breville has been told not to bother coming to work until Monday next week. His pay this week was bad enough. He cannot pay all that he owes me. Next week I will get zilch. In the meantime he is bored stiff but still suffering waves of nausea.

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