Thursday, May 08, 2003

I did not blog yesterday out of reverence to Dad.

Breville only works two days a week

Monday and Friday only and Frank is oversees so the roster won’t be changed for at least another week after this one finishes for him tomorrow. Breville tidied the house while I was at work on Tuesday. He did a wonderful job.


ho hum is my verdict

Medical Report

Temp was down to 37.5 yesterday but I was no good for anything. Today it was back up a few points and I am developing a sore throat. I am not getting anything done around here. And I am getting worried that this is not going to go in time for dental come marking week next week and the week after.

I would have spent some time in Buderim today if I had felt well enough but I had shopping to do for the house so I came straight back to Caloundra after my echocardiogram. The guy doing the ultrasound spent most of the time telling me about how boring his job was and how he wanted to go home to his couch. It took about half an hour and the only thing I know is that my pulmonary valve pressure was above normal. Whether this is significant I have no idea and so I have to wait for the doctors appointment Tuesday after work for the verdict (plus another couple of jabs).

Scoot is back home

Angel’s Mum and Phil were picked up from the airport by Scoot and Angel last night at about 10pm. Scoot is feeling down that his life is not going anywhere. He has no work tomorrow either. He said he missed us while he was away for the week and I am sorry that I do not have the energy to make a fuss of his return. I was told that Phil is a celiac. He has been gluten-free for a couple of months now. Another person who has had a close relationship with the toilet.

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