Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Medical Report

I got a video of my heart ultrasound…pretty cool. The problems found are trivial even though they have probably been there since birth. I do not really understand – mitral incompetence, pulmonary incompetence and tricuspid regurgitation if it means anything to you guys reading this. It is not significant because I have not got any enlargement of the right heart size so he said. So the extra bangs and thumps I get are just part of my life.

Blood test results: low in B12 (weekly injections will fix that…had another two cheeks jabbed today…ouch), low oestrogen and low testosterone – perimenopause. Low testosterone in particular causes fatigue and muscle wasting. This is on top of fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue. So I guess I have a reason for the hot flushes I’ve had since last year and the itchy skin on my face. Not to mention the mental confusion.

The test for helicobacter infection (the ulcer bacteria) has not been done yet…it is a breath test. I suppose I will get it done when I take a urine sample and faeces sample to lab. He is checking for long-term microbe infection. I have to take along three separate lots of stools. He is keen for me to have the $250 bioscreen detailed lab on faeces (at my expense). It is sent to the University of Newcastle (?). I’ve remained non-committal. Other expenses are likely to be high in supplementation and dietary requirements. Elimination diets coming up next week with weird foods that I do not keep in the house. And cleansing diets etc. I spent over 35 dollars on Intestamine which is for gut repair and contains natural stuff. That is just for one month. Natural as opposed to synthetic HRT is being considered but not yet. I think even he prefers to avoid it if possible. Depends on quality of life. Mine is not good at the moment. A terrible day at work. Nevertheless I feel less “infectious” type sick today.

Yesterday at the dentist was not good either but it may explain an earache I’ve had in the background for so long that it just became a part of life. Being unable to distinguish the locus of pain is also a sign of this syndrome doc is treating me for and so is rotten teeth. Anyway this one damned tooth had a bit of trouble being numbed and has been repaired but since the decay is likely to be also in the root I am going to have to have root canal after she has fixed up all the other many holes in the front area. Then my “earache” may go. I have hated wearing the right hearing aid because of that.

Scoot also went to the doc today. He has teamed up with a doctor who is still being monitored…straight out of medical school and about the same age as him. This doc is treating Scoot like a pet project. He even rang me yesterday to see if Scoot was going to make an appointment because he was overdue. He has rung adult mental health to get Scoot’s reports and consulted with quite a few others gathering information. Most importantly, Scoot likes him and the attention ofcourse. The new medication he is on is hard to tolerate because it makes him even more tired than the previous stuff.

I will be marking from here on in so life will be pretty dull for a while except for another exiting visit to the dentist on Friday.

Mothers’ Day

Mothers’ Day was not celebrated in any great way in this place this year. Probably because I do not expect anything being so close to my birthday. Scoot offered to cook the bacon and eggs that Breville said he would do because he had no money for a present and Breville cut up the palm branches which I had asked Scoot to do. Both were just trying to get the chore over and done with as fast as possible. None of us had plans for anything to do today so there was a lot of boredom in the house. Breville just played the computer all day and Scoot slept a lot (as usual). I poked around outside doing the odd thing, and with some determination to do something “fun” for the weekend, I drove to Moffatt Beach to eat a tub of yoghurt. I came straight home again because I really was not in the mood and it was getting a little cool because the sun had been filtered through the clouds just as I got there. I picked up a few rocks and added them to my garden edge. Another 100 metres to go. I am still fed up with not feeling well. I got a foot cramp today, started prickling all over until I had a shower, and my dry itchy patches on my face flared up again. Yeah I still have a temp.

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