Thursday, May 15, 2003

I am going to be a nan

I don’t think anyone is surprised by this news. It was only a matter of time. Scoot thinks it is going to be the longest nine months of his life till January 12th 2004. That book called "Every Woman" that has been around here for decades now has a new reader.


I got some powder when up at the organic shop near the docs on Tuesday. Does not taste very nice in drinks as far as I am concerned. I prefer fructose but the advantage of stevia is that it does not raise blood sugar at all because it is not a sugar. I’ll try to stew some fruit with it and see what it tastes like or make rice pudding or something.

Free massage

I got a free Swedish massage from Mitch (who Nick lives with) and it was the greatest I’ve ever had. I’m going back every week if I can. I will pay her next time. It is worth it and it is going to keep me free of a lot of pain.


It is not easy to get stools into the little tubes they provide. The scoop is built into the lid which is not good when it comes to screwing the lid on the bottle. The helicobactor test meant drinking a tasteless liquid containing a radioactive isotope, waiting 20 minutes and then breathing into pink liquid through a straw-like tube until it turned clear. I had to fast before hand. I guess I will be back tomorrow morning with another stool sample. And then it will be off to the dentist again. Maybe this time I will get that front tooth with the black on it filled. I must also get groceries and stuff so I won’t get much time for marking. Today I tried to get marking but with distractions from everyone and all the prep I needed to do before I could even start properly, I have only managed a grand total of one assignment marked.

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