Saturday, May 10, 2003

Some time outside

Even though my temperature went back up again over 38 today and yesterday, I did feel good enough to get outside and pot up a couple of hanging baskets that were looking tired. I have put all the zygocacti into two mixed hangers and most are about to flower so it will be nice for a while to have them to look at. I picked up a basket of sun jewels for one dollar at a stall when shopping sometime during the week too. I already had one colour that I got from Mitch so now I have three colours.

I used up most of my energy lifting the things and cleaning up the table and felt horrible afterwards but I seem to have picked up again after a rest this afternoon to the extent that I don’t feel bad just sitting around. Apart from keeping appointments and running necessary errands I have not spent any time trying to get anything organised for Mother’s Day so Mum will probably just get a phonecall. I thought about flowers and called into a florist yesterday but decided that even Mum would not appreciate the measly box that I would have to pay 56 dollars for through Interflora. Better to wait for her birthday at the end of the month. Have you got any ideas Zena? More to the point has she? Because if she has, she will probably just want the money so she can get it herself.

I bought I statue of Quan Yin (Goddess of Compassion) with Mum’s birthday money. I have only seen the one, but I guess it is freely available so not a collector’s item or anything. It is just gold polyresin but I could use a bit of compassion from the God’s in relation to my health and from Rec when he hears that I actually like to make my own decisions and run my own life. He tries to make me feel like I am such an evil person for wanting to continue doing that. I logged on to ICQ tonight and found these messages that were quite scathing. Now I know why he was surprised that I rang him yesterday on the phone. These messages were from before that but I had not received them. I don’t hate Rec. And why he would think so from what I said about my life, I cannot guess. I actually feel quite sorry for him being put on hold while I have not got enough time for a boyfriend in my life but I do not hate him.

My hard drive

The hard drive in my computer which was one replacing one that failed under warranty, is also corrupt now. A bad sector was written tonight. It is often failing to be written to and the blue screen/scandisk thing happens if it does not find another good place to write to. Reformatting my hard drive obviously did not fix the problem. I took it to the computer shop in January but the guys there did not hear it make a noise nor did it fail at any time. They sent me home saying that the noise was probably my CD-ROM. I will have to take it back but now I will have to wait until after the marking unless it fails completely before then. The original hard drive came with a three year warranty that ends in November. Now, the same company only gives a one year warranty. My CD-RW is likely to be making some of the noises but it is not the thing that is causing a freeze up in MSWord when a CD is not even being used. I hope two things: that it will not fail completely before I have finished my marking; and that it is still covered under warranty. The PC-User mag disk was read OK this month Zena but I like the contents of APC more. Although, I had trouble reading the APC mag disk. So take your pick. I may unload this computer onto Roger anyway, after I see some cash ofcourse.

I had Friday night to myself because Breville, Scoot and Angel went to a party and then crashed there for the night.


To Zena in response to your blog: Yeah I know what it is like. I am the same. That is why I gave up on the blog for the day. We all did our own things to remember him but I would prefer to do it on his birthday. Reading Mum's letter and your blog gets me going a bit too. I guess we miss him. It is a pity that it is all so close to Mother's Day and that the funeral day is so far removed because I cannot let it go again until after the 12th. Something to think about when I am alive and sitting in a dental chair on Monday.

My mobile had died on the charger but it is back on now.

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