Monday, May 05, 2003

Labour Day Holiday

Breville did not have work today so he stayed at Nick’s again last night. I cannot believe my luck. I’ve had 3 nights to myself. Scoot has been staying at Angels place because the parents are away in NZ till Wednesday. That is why I have not seen hide nor hair of him. Yesterday he did actually think to let me know and popped in for a couple of minutes.

Still got a fever around 38 and I still feel fluey so I am dreading work tomorrow. I have done some toward my lesson for tomorrow but I am going to have to wing some of it because I am not prepared to stay up any later and miss out on essential sleep. And I am not going to try and figure out all this shingle stuff of Rec's. If shingles are the same as shackles, I have no idea why anyone would be impressed by a shingle hanger. Who said they were?

Bubble Tea

With all this tapioca in the house, I had to have a go at this bubble tea I read about. But not before I had made what Mum calls tapioca custard with milk and vanilla. Yesterday I made lemon sago pudding. Sago and Tapioca are one and the same. It is a root plant (not a cereal) and the starch pearls are supposed to contain inulin which happens to be a prebiotic. I had been trying to find the fructose based prebiotic (fructogoosacharide or something like that) to have in conjuction with Yakult because apparently most of the live culture does not get passed beyond the stomach due to the acid. The tiny bit that does survive needs a medium to grow on in order to multiply rapidly and that is where prebiotics come in. Inulin has no nutritional value to us…but the lactobacillus and bifidus love it. So sago will have to do for now. It is in chicory too.

The lemon sago pudding I made really just looks like jelly with tiny clear balls in it whereas the one cooked in milk looks more like a milky rice pudding (and tastes similar). I actually used lemon, lime and ofcourse bitters to change the flavour a bit of the first one. Just happened to have them it in the house. I decorated it with mixed peel.

The bubble tea is made with sugar syrup, the cooked and clear tapioca bubbles, milk and some variety of tea. Now commercially they make a shake (supplied in a cocktail shaker with a very big straw to suck up the bubbles) in a thousand different flavours and franchises are advertised all over the Net especially in Asia. I have made peppermint tea flavoured. It was nice and frothy.

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