Monday, May 19, 2003

The weekend

I guess there is not much point blogging over the weekend when no-one is around to read it. While all of you are out and about doing things that you want to do, I am getting stiff and sore sitting at the computer or the table marking much of the time ….so I have been feeling sorry for myself. I have had a bit more energy which I would have preferred to spend doing something other than sedentary work.

I have had a walk to limber up but it wore me out instead.

On Friday I went to the dentist and did shopping so I hardly did any marking. But I have finally got rid of the black hole in the front of my teeth. But it will take at least another four appointments to finish the fillings and the root canal so I had to make another three. Two more in July and one in August. Only then will I be able to book an appointment or else go on another list for a plate. In the meantime, many of my teeth remain sensitive even though they have been fixed up.

To Zena, I spoke to Brenda so long on the phone that I did not feel like ringing back even if I had remembered by then. And no not Auntie Lil and Grandma. Isn’t it more like Nana and Auntie Marnie? Unless you are planning to give this kid pj’s every birthday and Christmas. Now that was Auntie Lil. Being a great Auntie is not so bad is it? It looks like I will never get to be one unless you count Belinda, Tanya and Glens kids when they have them. I used to be an auntie to them but now I think I am an ex-auntie. I wonder what Marlene is.

Mum rang the next night so again I did not ring and Monday night I am very busy getting ready for work and the doctors long day.

Marking and Roger

I am still marking naturally and it is a very slow process especially with all the interruptions. Scoot was told not to bother to come to work so he was around with Breville in the morning (Monday), and then Roger turned up, then Angel and also Roger’s new puppy called Cruiser. I was left to babysit the dog while Breville was taken to work at 12 and the others went to K-Mart for some reason. Ofcourse the dog started whining when it woke up not long after they left and I was up and down like a yoyo. There were promises of money to all. But we all know that seeing is believing.

I am feeling better but very stiff and sore because of sitting and marking.

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