Monday, August 23, 2010

BBQ's and Dentist

The mornings have been a case of making sure I'm empty before I can leave the toilet for the day.  I didn't eat yesterday except a few bites before Jan arrived.  She had said to be on standby for a BBQ with her and her son Graham but he was sick and I was not quite game to eat yet.  But I thought the worst was over and I took a chance especially since Jan had already prepared a salad and had marinated the steak and I was starting to get hungry.  We found it difficult to find a BBQ in Happy Valley so we kept on driving and found one up on the headland around Pt. Wickham.  By the time the steak was cooked, the couple had left the nearby table so we were lucky.

This morning and Saturday too was more of the same so that I headed out the door to drive to Noosaville with a dubious tum hoping I would not need a toilet and knowing that I had nothing in me except for a few mouthfuls of yoghurt to sustain me.  I stopped at my usual spot near T-Boat Hire where I don't have to back-in park and headed to the toilet block.  Good timing.  It started to mist rain but it soon stopped and I had time for a cuppa before driving to Simply Dental just around the corner.  I had a filling, my plates filed some more, a scale and clean, fluoride treatment and some sensitive tooth polish.  My teeth are still yellow but the tartar is gone.  Anyway it was the last trip to a private dentist for me for a while.  If those with the balance of power during this hung parliament allow the Allied Health Scheme to continue I guess I will apply for it again but not until next year since it is a two-year scheme for the dental.

Tomorrow the glasses appointment and Wednesday the  3rd Hearing Aid appointment.  Let's hope things get sorted happily with those unlike my still painful plates.

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