Sunday, August 01, 2010

Trip to Hervey Bay
I had my new hearing aids fitted on Wednesday (July 28) and then Mum, Deb and I headed for Hervey Bay but it was dark and wet before we could drive very far after such a late start to a trip (4.30pm).  We stayed at Tiaro however because things were not working out right for a Motel at Gympie.  The next morning was still damp and drizzly as we tried to find Petrie Park but we got a better view of Tiaro and the Mary River on our way back from Harvey Bay.

The sun was shining by the time we got to Hervey Bay and the weather was warm and humid for our stay at Lucienne Apartments.  We lunched at Torquay along the foreshore after an extended stay at the information centre and we were happy to note that we were in a sun patch with clouds right around Hervey Bay but not over the top of of us.

We had a barbecue lunch the following day too but there were no photos taken by me.

The Apartment was perfect for us - 2 bedrooms and just over the road from the beach at Scarness. $100 each night which was cheaper than the Motel in Tairo. After sightseeing from Eli Point to Urangan and the wharf, we headed to Auntie Dawn's latest house and then went to the Boat Club for a not so great tea and Auntie Dawn came too.  Probably just as well Marina did not accept my invite to join us for tea in a totally different part of town. She was busy so may be I will get another trip to HB again one of these days to catch up with her.
We saw the last of the Harvey Bay area when we drove to [the Mary] River Heads after looking for downtown Hervey Bay which didn't exist.  The CBD is mostly spread alone the main Habour Drive Road. 

It was morning tea time by then and we had already visited the Botanical Gardens and it's Bush Chapel before that again (which we did straight after vacating the unit.  Number 5/338 Esplanade if you're interested.)

River Heads is the place to catch the barge over to Fraser Island in this area - Wide Bay and the Fraser Coast.  The closest land is actually Woody Island -seen in the seagull photo above too.  The fog had been bad in the mornings for 2 days running.  It had closed the HB airport but on the first morning the sun and blue sky arrived before the fog blew in and away again.  This day, it obliterated the Bay from sight so that we did not see the water from our unit that day before we vacated and the fog was still visible at River Heads in the photo behind the barge, hanging in front of Fraser Island.
I found it hard to believe that crocodiles were this far South but the locals seem to think it was nothing but a single tourist report which had to be acted on. I wonder what she really saw? There are plenty of dolphins and Humpback Whales in this area. And Mackerel that day because we were told about them from our young fisherman gazebo sharer.  

This photo is not looking at the Mary River exit but back towards HBay proper.  The bright sun in that direction made it hard to do the colours justice.  The sea was lovely clear blue-green when the sun was not obscured momentarily by drifting clouds.  In contrast the green sea in Hervey Bay was slightly milky from the recent rain.  Our seas turn reddish brown after rain in Caloundra so it was different....probably prettier....but no milky sea can beat a clear sea.
We had our morning tea of thermos and ginger cookies in the shelter and doubled back the way we had come because it was the only way out of River Heads.  It is a dead end place really and a place full of sandflies when there is no breeze according to Rob who turned up on the doorstep last night on his way back from buying birds (superb parrots) in Toowoomba and testing his new Mitsubishi 4x4 van which is to be used for a campervan.  It rained up that way but our drive home was dry and quite hot and humid.  I was feeling uncomfortable with the heat which was unseasonal for this time of the year. My car seems to throw out a lot of hot air from the engine unless the heater is stuck on or something.

Debbie was wearing sun glasses bought from the op shop from where we started our trip to HBay. The op shop next to Apollo Medical Centre, where Connect Hearing was located. This was the second pair she bought on the Sunshine Coast this visit because she left a pair behind in Piccolo's of Buderim we have to assume.  They were not back at the cafe when she went back though.  We didn't even eat there because they took so long to serve us and as it turned out the little cafe bar next to Gloria Jeans provided me with an opportunity to try and rice paper wrap with chicken, avocado, grated carrot and vermicelli inside.  It was so yum served with Hoisein sauce but it did not beat the Roasted Chicken and Avocado Sushi rolls covered with tempura batter and served with sweet soy and wasabi mayo and a bit of plain cream that I had today when the three of us went to the Rustic Tavern for lunch.  We had planned on going back to my place to see Connor after than but Scott didn't seem to be able to cope with even organizing it so my day with Mum and Debbie ended on a bit of a sour note as far as Mum was concerned.  I've been too tired to care that much.

The hat Mum is wearing in the photo is the one she bought at the markets down town in Caloundra last Sunday.  We did not go again today.  The top Debbie is wearing came from Shazayne's of Torquay, HBay and she like the style enough to buy two.  I chose another batwing top from a shop called ICE and these top purchases covered 2 days of shopping in HBay although Debbie added a handbag on the second day. A Frill necked Lizard high relief plaque was purchase for Mum by Debbie for Christams on one of their shopping outings last week that I did not join.  I was not feeling too good last week but I made it to the Botanical Gardens followed by Eudlo on one day and Foote Santuary (Buderim) followed by lunch and the Manawee Nursery another day.
We did not waste any time in Maryborough on the way back to Gympie like we did on the way up to HBay looking for petrol, a toilet stop and the elusive lagoon that turned out to be not so much elusive as a map reading error.  We actually managed to bypass most of Maryborough this time and I drove on to Tiaro where we bought lunch at a takeaway store.  My bowels timed things nicely at both River Heads and Tiaro thank you very much and once again we visited Petrie Park but this time it was just about full of motorhomes and vans.

The main attraction for lunch apart from meat and pickle sandwiches and Apricot slice was this kookaburra who was also hoping for a feed. It was getting more overcast the further South we went so it was good driving weather apart from the humidity.  We were a bit later than 3pm arriving at Stacey, Cohen and Brett's place but not by much. We skipped the idea of visiting Roger's new house which he was still moving into but we still had to drive after sunset but not for too long.  Nevertheless, I let Debbie drive that last leg as per the first night's driving.  Her eyes are better than mine.

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