Sunday, August 01, 2010

Brett and Stacey's New Location
Cohen was filthy and so was the yard because of that dog Barney I will say.  Brett was having a beer and Stacey was in bed and there was no special preparation for our visit.  I would not expect anything for me but I thought Mum and Debbie deserved a bit of an effort.
Brett seemed pleased to see us thank goodness but he was not keen on the idea of us hauling him to Roger's place as Roger had instructed us over the phone so we didn't go. The house is great for the family but I can see that dog has caused havoc with the garden.  It is only a pup but this border collie cross has grown so big in a month and Cohen was hitting him really hard which I thought was a bit risky.  Stacey got up out of bed but not before Cohen had dragged Debbie into her room with Debbie following only because she thought it was Cohen's bedroom he was showing her as she had asked. For the most part, Stacey just let us be and said she wasn't feeling well.  I thought it was funny she used my request to keep away from me when any of them were sick because I usually have some sort of long-term immune response to germs way out of proportion to normal people who do not have CFS. The reason it was funny to me was that she has never let it stop her coming to my place to stay overnight when it suited her or ask me to babysit Cohen with a cold (via Brett).  They usually just don't tell me and let me find out from the obvious signs of runny noses and tissues.  Stacey is the last person to have any consideration of my health problems.  Brett is not far behind if he wants a night out but he will accept a no for an answer these days. None of that has been a problem since they moved to Gympie a month or more ago.  I have not seen them.  I had not been well enough go all the way to Gympie and Brett does not have a car right now.
Debbie seemed to be having a lot of fun with Cohen and she kept him well entertained but that's not hard if you are willing to follow him around.  And the shoe game worked for a while until Cohen threw the shoe away.
The only time Cohen cried for his own way was when he was restrained from running away out the front.  I am not sure if it happened also when Barney escaped out of the front door when we first arrived.

Cohen was very amused by what he saw on the screen of our cameras.
Cohen is also very good at saying "cheese" for the camera too.

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