Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I had a life, getting out and about while Mum and Deb were in Queensland.  There was plenty of eating out whether it was so, so scones in Eudlo, scrumptious rice paper wraps in Buderim, egg and lettuce sandwiches in Witta or Tempura Battered Nori Rolls at the Rustic Tavern on Steve Irwin Way.
New top

And shopping - 2 shirts from Rivers, a scarf from a shop in the Cinema Centre and a batwing top from ICE stores at Torquay in Hervey Bay, a hair clip and a new house phone from Home Central - Kawana.
New bra

Mum was happy to buy me a new bra at BigW instead of the non-existent Target store rather than see my boobs hanging down to my waist - but I can make that happen just by slouching.  Do you like my new bra?

We also managed to fit in another car trip after the Hervey Bay trip.
We went to Crystal Waters Permaculture Village aka Commune which is between Maleny and Conondale but I had some idea that there was a short cut through Peachester and that did not work out to be a short cut but provided us with the closest views of the glass house mountains and then later I took the wrong turn on the way home so we did not get a new scenery.
I was not particularly impressed with our reception at the "information centre" because it was closed despite office hours being advertised as a Tuesday and despite me leaving a phone message several hours earlier.  The man from the bakery (which only sells organic breads on weekends or some such) shunted us off to the visitors area and away from this hippie looking village of 4 makeshift buildings.

I would have liked to check out the cafe but I think it is mainly for the inhabitants to congregate except perhaps on market day when the place comes alive with visitors.  This Tuesday was dead quiet except after school pickup time when we saw people about socializing.

The visitors area was also a camping ground and it contained a bunkhouse for the people who are visiting farm workers - the Woofers.  A managers residence, toilet block with stained glass windows, a veggie garden, a bamboo stand and a gazebo style camp kitchen - all looking very rustic were in this area.

There was also a pleasant walk along the side of a lagoon which Debbie and I investigated.

It was all very pretty nestled in a valley surrounded by mountains which meant that we escaped the blustery wind that was spoiling the day elsewhere.

One day, we went to Foote Sanctuary in Buderim which was really pretty even on the showery day that it turned out to be. There were plenty of birds.  The photo below was taken in Manawee Plant Nursery gift shop which we visited after loosing Debbie's brand new sunglasses. Mum bought me another butterfly as a farewell gift and Debbie decided she wanted this one to take back to Melbourne but NOT for use as a hair ornament.

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