Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Weather and Welfare

From fine to 24 hours of the biggest August deluge in 123 years. We had 80mm mostly yesterday.  Anyway the rain stopped an hour or so before my hearing aid assessment at 11am.  Tomorrow, strong winds hit but the weekend is looking fine.

He of the Him post, now denies he did not pay me. The extra 10 for this and 10 for that he has blown out to include the $150.  In his mind he has paid.

I heard about another man today who says he has sent a payment when he hasn't.  You see, this man from the child support agency rang.  Kieren has given up on trying to get any money out of that man because even though that man is so pleasant to deal with and seemingly so genuine in wanting to honor his debt and because the man says "yes" he will pay them back no money ever turns up.  Kieren has had enough since it has been going on since February. They were prepared to forgive him his fines and penalties which are actually worth considerably more than what this man owes apparently but the whole lot will go against him again and be shelved for a while - 10 years is about what I would expect.  The poor person who is owed the child support has to wait again too.  There would have been a distinct advantage to this man paying now with about $10,000 worth of savings for him and also avoiding his pension being garnished in the future.  But this man sounds like the one I spoke to last week on the phone who said "I will never go on the old-age pension because I will always be either working or dead".  Kieren wonders why this man is always working but all his earnings are not evident.  There is nothing for the Government to access anyway.  So another person gets away with not paying.

Like I said - 2 men in one day - like father like son

Found at the base of Mt Ninderry near Yandina

Mt Ninderry from the Maroochy River taken at Maroochy River (the suburb that should have been entered into the GPS instead of Bli Bli)

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