Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dentist and Dunethin
From ears and eyes to teeth, I seem to be plagued with having to wear "devices".  My plates needed adjusting and I had some of my own teeth to be taken care of so I once again trundled off to Diane at Simply Dental in Noosaville yesterday.  She has already found an additional hole I did not know about for an appointment to come but if I get any more after that it is too bad because I have run out of money.  I can't believe she managed to charge up $4200 to me in less than 2 years but it has included top and bottom plates,a small front crown and fillings and teeth cleaning.  She keeps telling me my teeth are on their last legs but she managed to keep them hanging in there but not without some aggravating gum problems that I have to put up with because of the food caught in overhangs at the gum level. I have taken to flossing but it seems since starting eating all these MUFAs (nuts in particular) everything has flared up again. The gum was inflamed enough for her to use some special injectable disinfectant yesterday but I will not be getting any more of these "treatments" unless I am able to apply for the allied health dental scheme again next year for another 2 years.  Anyway, I had another filling repaired which was just about to fall out (already - less than 12 months) and then I browsed some shops in Noosaville before heading to Dunethin Rock and the Maroochy River.

I just wanted to see this place because I had no idea it existed until this year.  I wondered if it would be a nice retreat or a place to go car camping if I felt like it but I would not wish those toilets up on a tower on anyone.  They looked neglected and filthy despite the fact that there was some upgrade going on in the area yesterday which eventually resulted in the Boat Ramp being cut off from access but not before I got to spend some time there taking photos.  I think they are putting in more power lines across the Maroochy River.
Anyway, Dunethin Rock is just a rock that you can drive to via dirt road - Dunethin Rock Road - a flattish expanse of rock on a hill with commanding views toward Bli Bli and  Mt Coolum.  I actually came in from the Bruce Highway along the Yandina-Bli Bli Road and turned in at Pearce Av. but I should have come down the Sunshine Motorway.  I will blame the GPS for the roundabout way of getting there from Noosaville.
Dunethin Rock

Mt Coolum from Dunethin Rock
Back down at water level less than a kilometre away Dunethin Lake is part of the Maroochy River and named after the rock I assume.
Mt Ninderry from Dunethin Rock Boat Ramp, Maroochy River
If you want to get away from traffic noises, this is not the place because although muted you can still hear the traffic on the Yandina-Coolum Road coming from the other side of the Maroochy River beyond the farms.  There is a long truck travelling past behind the farmhouse.
Picnic tables and a rough shelter are found along the River Front and there are plenty of water birds, raptors and those machine-gun noise-making birds Mum talks about.  What are they again? The one I saw had a white or yellow cheek.
Boat Ramp on Maroochy River at Dunethin Rock
Let's Make Hay While the Sun Shines because tomorrow it will rain
I had a thermos cuppa at the shelter shed and a couple of soft ginger kisses from Aldi (yummy) before leaving.  I went home via the Motorway and Bli Bli but I did not go past the Castle but along the Bli Bli-Mudjimba Road on to the Highway.  On command from the GPS the wrong exit landed me in Pacific Paradise for a u-turn before accessing the Sunshine Motorway.  But I do not seem to mind finding myself in an unplanned place these days.  It adds to the excitement of life which is often so lacking when ill-health takes over.  Mum would prefer I had a map.

And today - today it is raining so I am blogging. Tomorrow should bring my hearing aid assessment/adjustment.

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