Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Connor was the main focus on Wednesday 4th August because it was the last chance for Mum and Debbie to see him before they left on their Virgin flight the next day.  We had to wait until after school but we managed to fit in Kawana Shoppingworld and Muffin Break before that.  Mum found 2 for the price-of-one T-shirts at Katies while we were shopping and I hunted around for a bluetooth transmitter with a view to syncing sound with my new hearing aids via an add-on accessory which I might buy.  No-one had heard of such a thing but I have ordered one from China for $30 including postage.
We took Connor to Military Jetty for a walk first. 
Next came the tree climbing.

Then it was sundown at Diamond Head
Connor took this photo
Followed by burgers and the Military Jetty store.  Connor had never seen such a huge cheeseburger and he ate the lot.

Let's pick on Witchy Butt GrandNan was the before meal game.  Mum asked for it with her Witch antics - and the false teeth gag.  He and his adopted friends were jumping up and down behind the glass screen calling out names and laughing their heads off.  Just pretend I am not in the photo - it is horrible.

I don't think those pale glasses suit me and soon I will be transformed because I am getting new ones.  Thanks to Mum I have upgraded to 2 pair on a special $100 deal and that is very good for multi-focal lenses.  I have been assured that my current "comfort" lenses are the lowest quality multi-focal lenses you can buy and the curvature of sight generated by them can be disorienting.  Fibromyalgia has enough disorientation problems on its own without adding 2nd rate glasses to the mix so I hope these top-quality lenses make all the difference when I get them in 2 weeks.  I am getting stainless steel frames because whatever I am wearing is being eaten away by the acid in my skin so I am told.  Mind you, Budget Eyewear sold these Linea Roma glasses for around $600 and they haven't even got spring loaded arms but they were an insurance claim so I didn't have to pay for them 2 years ago or so.

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