Friday, January 07, 2011

Bowel Attack

I had the most cruel attack early this morning - I thought I may pass out with the pain and I thought I was going to vomit too.  It was a partial bowel obstruction.  omg I hope I do not die like that - flaked out on a horrendously stinky toilet.

If I think the pain is bad now - it's not compared to that - my gut is still very sore and I guess it may be very bruised over the next couple of days after spasms like that.  I am not even sure it is over.  But if it was brought on by the constipation (I knew I was getting that way from the codeine on top of taking the Doxycyline) at least the diarrhea is getting through so I am not blocked any more - just prone to spasm.

I have to repeat how bad it was.  I am glad it does not happen very often since menopause.  I was groaning pretty loud but obviously not as loud as when I scream in my sleep.  Once again it brought back the memory of me sitting on the toilet with the door open at Boundary St looking straight into the darkened bedroom doorway where Roger was peacefully sleeping or mumbling "It'll pass, you've done it before."  Back then, there was a long delay between spasms and productivity (if you know what I mean) and that was even crueler.  Today that "labour period" was relatively short so something to be thankful for.

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