Saturday, January 15, 2011

A drop of Lugol's Iodine a day for me

Lugol's Iodine has the correct ratio of iodine/iodide recommended by Dr.Abrahams for correcting iodine deficiency.

"We are just beginning to rediscover the amazing curative powers of iodine. While it may not be the panacea that old-timers have claimed it to be when used alone, when combined with magnesium chloride, ALA, and in the special case of cancer, with sodium bicarbonate, we will find something quite extraordinary. Survival Medicine for the 21st Century contains a revolutionary protocol for breast cancer that includes magnesium chloride, iodine and sodium bicarbonate. These three emergency room medicines when combined and used correctly will revolutionize the field of oncology but will threaten the pharmaceutical industry whose profits will suffer enormously from the widespread use of these inexpensive, safe and effective nutritional medicines." Read More

I'm going to flush these sore glands out for a week or three.  I started last night.  I bet it works on oral thrush too.  I have magnesium oil to rub into muscles to be absorbed that way and who hasn't got bi-carb in the cupboard? (but fruit tingles are nicer).

Anyway, grab some if you can because like everything else that works, it is soon to be banned for sale supposedly because it can be used in the manufacture of amphetamines.

Found this interesting too - The Spit Test

"At the start of the Ultimate Cleanse do the Spit Test to see if you have a systemic fungus problem. If the test is positive, this shows that you need to be much more vigilant with your program. A simple Saliva Test for Candida is as follows:
Immediately after rising before you eat or drink anything fill a clear glass with water at room temperature. Spit some saliva into the glass of water. Then check from time to time for up to an hour to see what happens to the spit. If Candida is present, you will see one of three things, or a combination of these.

1. There may be strings like legs extending down into the water from the saliva floating on top
2. Cloudy saliva will accumulate at the bottom of the glass
3. Cloudy bits will remain suspended in the water.

The quicker and stronger the strings grow and the sooner the saliva sinks, the more Candida is in the sample. If there are no strings and the saliva is still floating after one hour, you probably do not have systemic Candida but may still have a localized problem in the intestines or the vagina, and you may still have dysbiosis and infestations of other pathogenic microbes.

Even after systemic Candidiasis has been eliminated the spit test may still remain positive because of fungi living within the mucous membranes of the mouth which may then regrow in the night. This may be eliminated by repeatedly swishing MMS for several minutes in the mouth. Alternatively you may try swishing Lugol's before swallowing, or diluted hydrogen peroxide or diluted sodium bicarbonate, the last two best before going to bed. At other times it is also good occasionally to keep culture of lactobacteria in the mouth or ingest lactic acid fermented food."

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and it seems chlorine in drinking water displaces iodine "drinking water that is harmful to the body not because of its harmful germ content but because the chlorine content now causes the body to lose the much-needed iodine...
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For Linda
It appears that iodine deficiency is a risk factor for both breast cancer and fibrocystic breast disease. Fibrocystic disease often reverses with sufficient iodine replacement. Iodine is also very effective at eliminating ovarian cysts. It works for fibrocystic breast disease and ovarian cysts because of its effect on estrogens. It actually helps metabolise estrone (an estrogen which promotes breast cancer cell growth) and its dangerous metabolite 16-alpha-hydroxyoestrone to estriol which is an anti-carcinogenic estrogen.
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Another Test
Another simple and inexpensive way to test is an iodine skin patch test. This test may indicate if an iodine deficiency exists however it not considered as accurate as the iodine loaded urine test. It involves painting a 5 by 5 cm patch of iodine tincture onto your inner arm or thigh. If the stain remains or only slightly lightens after 24 hours then your levels are considered normal. If the stain disappears, or almost disappears, in under 24 hours then there is a possibility you are deficient, if it disappears, or nearly disappears, under 10 hours then are likely to be deficient and should consider supplementation.

Some practitioners recommend to re-test using the skin patch test every 2 weeks to determine when your iodine dose can be reduced.

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