Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Toowoomba Inland Instant Tsunami Yesterday

This street was the focus of our lives.  The Muffler Shop was our bread and butter and I got engaged and turned 21 here as well.  The kids spent a lot of time here in the workshop (getting filthy).

Wondering about Helen in Withcott where the children are still stuck inside the child-care centre from yesterday before the parents could get in to pick them up.  Update: Belinda just let me know Helen is OK but it has been scary.  Roger told B that she had to be evacuated and may not even know how her house fared but she was on the higher end of the street.

It is still storming here after a lull overnight.  This morning I had at least 4 inches in the outside bucket and there are a few places in my yard where I could have a bath.  And there is another sink hole - a metre and a half deep on the nature strip over the road from me.  This house is always shifting and cracking and I guess rain like this is not going to help.

I guess B and S and Cohen are well and truly stuck in their house.  They have no money till Wednesday to stock up on food - but bread had already run out 2 days ago and it has just been reported that there is no bread, milk or eggs left in Gympie.  They will have missed out on the supplies by the time they get paid tomorrow and they have run out of basics at home.  B's CT scan was cancelled yesterday because none of the workers could even get to work and Roger has been cut off from anywhere for days now even before Gympie was threatened.  B has been not feeling right in his lungs but he says it's alright.  Once again he had 2 conflicting doctor reports.  One said he was fine to work after he got more pains and the latest one said his lung was still leaking air hence the need for a CT scan. I just told B to fill up some water bottles in case the water treatment plant becomes contaminated - it is easy to feel like it is happening to everyone else and therefore not take precautions but there is nothing to stop power outages like has happened to Roger who lost hundreds of dollars worth of food and cannot get out past the creek at the entrance of his mansion.

S turned up to get his bed yesterday with Jeff and it was just starting to storm again so the whole bed was wrapped in a tarp.  It looked like hail may be coming but there was not any.  It is still storming here today after a lull last night but even if I needed to I would be too ill to help myself much.  Just clearing the storm water drain on the street has left me shaking and I do not know why I am not getting better.  Pelican Waters has had quite a few streets including the main boulevard closed as of yesterday but it may well have subsided but I doubt I am cut off from the shops.

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