Tuesday, January 18, 2011

He's here again

Been sleeping in the car and his computer is broken down so he cannot take the no-commission job next week unless he borrows my EeePC but I still say no.  He's washing and using the eeePC here, after that....I don't know what he wants next.

I'm still sick - had a rush toilet experience early this morning X3 and I'm exhausted.  Haven't left the house since last time he was here - not even to give Karla a ride to her broken down car.

He's gone again now - running around trying to organize his life, wanted $20 to wash my car but it is not payday till 2morro for me, ringing places using my phone for emergency accomodation, will not go help with floods now he has a no-retainer job lined up in Nambour for next week, I said he could stay the night but he does not want to, has no intention of getting the bed back unless I organize a truck, and now I find this on Facebook:

Roxy 18 January at 12:47 Report
Hi Judy. I just had Sct turn up at my work. He said he is living in his car, and you and his dad and Brett won't talk to him and he needs somewhere to stay and help. There is nothing i can do for him. Is he ok? 

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