Friday, January 28, 2011

Health Report, Rheumatologist and Office in a Car

I feel better today

I don't know whether it was my experiment or not but I have been having really bad balance problems and wondering if I was going to faint and I have heard others talk about POTS and OI and my bloodtest included a repeat electrolyte study so I had electrolytes on my mind.  I have done a 24 hour intensive on gatorade, and salt instead of drinking so much water trying to avoid repeat constipation.  Today I feel a bit light-headed but I am not scared of it so I feel happy today.  My glands are still sore and my throat and I ache but I feel better.

I also went to the rheumatologist again today and I am happy that he has not quit on me and is going to try a few things.  I have some neck stuff going on in the x-ray but he said it wasn't too bad for a 55 year old neck.  He more or less suggested I should be checked for osteoporosis so I must remember that if he doesn't actually do anything about it.  I took him my lung xray too and he pointed out a few skeletal things that might indicate that and he is interested in the Crohn's too.  I won't go into any more detail about our plans but I am putting off LDN until he has seen the literature and we do the other things that cannot be done in conjunction with it.  It is all trial and error right now but at least he is trying and I am grateful for that.

He thinks I should take iron but didn't write a script for it but he said it was low end of normal.  He had also taken the trouble to write to the RBWHospital to get the reports from there and he would have if I had a gastroenterologist but I said I see a different one every time I go to hospital.  I don't mind paying this guy but he is still a bit hard to convince that there is more going on than fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.  I had to tell him that my pain was not just muscular but he is so demanding in his descriptions of pain and I am so vague.  However he said the burning feet I had to put frozen chips on is a sign of neuropathy.  He is just not convinced any inflammation is going on yet and if there is he will call the Crohn's to question rather than any other autoimmune disease even though Aunty Dawn has Shogren's.

I also wonder if Nana's blacking out was some form of orthostatic intolerance but I did not talk about that with him.

Tomorrow I go to the regular GP in relation to the blood tests and these glands.

Number One Son

I didn't write sooner because I couldn't do much of anything except quick things on the computer.  My feeling faint stopped that. And I have had some very low bottom diastolic blood pressure readings and high heart rates doing next to nothing.  Anyway, I did not got around to tell you about Scott staying here on the weekend.  He left again on Monday to start work "out of his office - his car" for the Real Estate Agent in Nambour - or rather business broker.  He likes that title enough to work for nothing.  It would be nice if he got a sale.

He turned up yesterday too at about 4pm and said what do you want to do about Australia Day - I said we could have a BBQ if he wanted but then he said no and after he had a shower (or did he?) he left again saying he didn't want to stay.

This afternoon he was here sound asleep when I got back from Dr. Herd and he has still been sleeping in the car but at least he has finally put his name on the housing list even though he admits he does not want to live in public housing.  They said they would look for emergency accomodation since he was living out of his car so he said.  He is sleeping here tonight and I was well enough (or on an adrenaline high enough) to make a ham and salad tea for both of us while he went out to check a property or business for listing.  I asked no more questions about that.  He just says he has a very busy day tomorrow.

Yesterday I was still pretty wonky but by the afternoon I was feeling confident enough to check out the beach front roads to see what was happening for Australia Day.  It was packed - even Bribie Island with beach shelters lined up over there too.  I found a park and went for a dip.  It was a lovely day and I walked ever so slowly and carefully but it is my first swim for the year!  Make that the entire Summer so far!  I was tired - been extremely tired - but I am glad I saw the world.

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