Tuesday, January 11, 2011

CFS Patients at risk of developing Lymphoma

Crikey, if it is already in my family genetics then tell them to keep an eye on me with ME


CFS subjects are known to have a shortened life-span and are at risk for developing lymphoma. Currently, there is no diagnostic test and no treatment, except for the specific treatment of microbial infections in those cases in which microbial agents can be identified (Devanur and Kerr. 2006. J Clin Virol 37(3): 139-150). Although the precise pathogenesis of CFS is unknown, a range of factors have been shown to contribute (Komaroff and Buchwald. 1998. Annu Rev Med 49:1-13; Devanur and Kerr. 2006. supra).


This report describes an initial analysis of population-based cancer incidence data in Nevada, focusing on the patterns of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma prior to and subsequent to well described, documented outbreaks of chronic fatigue syndrome during 1984–1986. 

Number of years since University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute director and “CFS” cancer cluster investigator Seymour Grufferman was refused funding by NIH to pursue the relationship between cancer and “CFS” and left the field: 17 years


....... a report on the research published in The Wall Street Journal states that 20/101 people in the CFS group also had a lymphoma, a type of cancer affecting the lymph nodes. 

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Stu said...

If you actually read the Levine et al. study you cite you will notice that they find no association between CFS and lymphoma.