Thursday, January 06, 2011

Doctor Fleur Again

And you know how much I hate going, but I had to go back because I ran out of antibiotics and I don't think they have quite finished doing their job which she agreed.  Throat and chest observations were improved she thought but because my tongue was sore I now also have Nilstat Oral for Thrush.

My ESR was 36 instead of 30 at the top end of normal so she is repeating the FBE, ESR and the liver one again mid-January to make sure I have cleared up by then.

I am still having bad sleeps - cannot stay in a deep sleep, my legs are flying around or jiggling or shaking, and no doubt I am talking a lot so I am very tired.  But hopefully this is the beginning of better health and less pain.  She said I had been sick for so long, it would take quite a while to get back to normal (whatever my normal is - I have nearly forgotten).

Rob is asking me if I am planning for a camping trip - he has no idea I cannot even think along those lines right now.

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