Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Crappy New Year

Crappy New Year - woops I mean Happy

I'm sorry but I have not got any good news.  My New Year hopes were pinned on the Doxycycline working, assuming that it was a chest infection that had me feeling so flu-like and painful (more than usual).  The short story is that the glands in my neck and under my arms are really, really sore and I am also getting extra pains in the stomach.  This really feels like glandular fever and the pain is getting to me because nothing is working on it.  The pain, heat and redness on the soles of my feet has had me try putting my feet on frozen things.

I have been feeling kind of peculiar (which is not very informative) since taking those antibiotics and so I began to look up some of the side-effects.  The one that really is hard to fathom is the side-effect called "flu-like" symptoms.  I had flu-like symptoms to start with and now they tell me the side effects are flu-like symptoms so how am I supposed to judge that?

The only thing that has surprised me is that I have not had any diarrhea from this medication but I guess it eliminates the idea of a flare-up of micoplasma P. and even Lyme disease (the tick fever) is treated with this drug and since I feel no better maybe I can assume I have not got that either.  If it is glandular fever (again), then I am still not going to know for sure since the blood test didn't even include a check for EBV titers and we all know that antibiotics do not work on viruses.

So who is going to look after me while I convalesce?  You both know I had glandular fever for three months way back when so I expect that I am not going to be going camping for a while.  I cannot believe that I have had this thing creeping up on me since mid Nov and before my little visit to Gympie I was not that great either so I am starting to feel really sorry for myself.

I have nearly run out of toilet paper, and sugar and meat and veggies and fruit and.......on it goes so I am going to have to drag myself out to the local shops like it or not.

S has turned up twice, "felt bad vibes", and left again quickly - it seems he has returned Connor to his Mum already which makes a mockery of his statement that he had to have him for a week by order of the courts.  Yesterday's visit was only to collect my portable TV antenna but I refused to give it to him especially now that my main house antenna has for some unknown reason resulted in bad snowy pictures.  It seems he has no antenna socket in his bedroom at this share house and he is wanting to avoid sitting in the lounge room with everyone else to watch TV.  I don't want to try and predict what is going to happen there.  But what am I going to do if he comes back here especially now that I badly need a housekeeper?

If I do not get a phonecall from the doctors today, it will mean all my blood tests were clear and I will be left in this agony with no help once again.

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