Friday, December 31, 2010

The Good Stuff about 2010

  • I quit being a registered teacher which means I've learned my limits
  • It was the last year I tied myself to people I do not really need in my life
  • Both of my grandsons have fairly stable family lives now
  • Number one son achieved a lot - univeristy studies, quitting smoking and he even had a job for a month
  • Number two son moved to Gympie (so I cannot baby sit :)) and the family is back together again and grown in numbers with three animals
  • I found an online support group with people who really understand me and I them
  • CFS/ME research was brought further into the limelight by the public threat of XMRV contaminated blood supplies around the world
  • A visit from Mum and sis and some lovely outings
  • There's hardly any fish left to look after
  • I'm supposed to be grateful for getting free private dental
  • I made a hanging basket of double portulaca which is really pretty (if there is any sun)
  • I had some nice day trips around the Coast
  • I haven't given up on dreaming about travelling around a bit
  • I did not have to go into an operating theatre
  • I didn't catch a bad Winter flu
  • I got some nice photos and videos
  • I'm still alive
But the worst thing that happened to directly effect me was half of Pelican Waters Shops closing down (especially Sam's Warehouse).  I could get everything I needed up there which conserved a lot of spoons (code word for energy in the CFS Community). There were so many global disasters in 2010 that the loss of my favorite shop does not count.  The BP Oil Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico was more than a spill for instance.  Happy New Year Southern States.

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