Friday, April 04, 2003

Anyway hi to whoever has decided to visit or contribute.

My news for the day is that I have been slack in doing my marking. I was supposed to be marking tonight but I got sidetracked by the concepts of weblogs and decided to set one up. It is too late to do much more now but all in all it has been a reasonable day.

I am not feeling too bad considering it is that time of the month...except for my back which is still killing me. I will find out what the x-rays mean about spondylosis and sclerosis when I go to the doc tomorrow but I am already taking VIOXX so I guess I can't really hope for much more relief that I already have when I sneak in something else besides that tablet...because it does not work well enough to make me pain free in this weather. It has got chilly tonight in the air even though the house is warm enough for short sleeves and long pants. I need the long pants to cover my aching knees and the top definately has my lower back covered too. That nip in the air even though the rest of me is quite warm, gets in those places and the aching and stiffness gets worse as soon as it is even slightly chilled. It is hard to believe that I am so arthritic at the ripe old age of 47. My birthday coming up is nothing to cheer me up at all. Just another year to add to my health woes. It is really quite scarey. I think Brenda is going through the same thing. The joys of losing 1 decibel per year in my higher frequency hearing is not good news either. I already miss out on more than I realise until I put my hearing aids in. Hearing aids at 47? Bifocals at 47 too. It has been one of those years for me that makes it difficult to face the future with any great enthusiasm. But I have tried to keep going despite the Crohn's flareups, bloating, dizzy spells, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. I have indeed managed to at least make a substantial inroad to having some greenery, colour and produce which is transforming my yard into a pleasant place to spend [my retirement]. The wading pool was my salvation through those days when I did not think I could bear the heat so even though I may have not felt the greatest healthwise for some time, I have been consoled by at least enjoying some aspects of my life. I can feel like lady of leisure while I am too fatigued out or too dizzy to deal with the outside world simply by sitting in the pool with a cool drink in hand. So despite some of my dreams fading away with illhealth, I can pretend I am a queen who deserves to have the best things in her life. Sea Food salad sandwiches also makes me feel like a queen when life seems to be trying to give me the message that I am a disability pensioner. And when financial reality hits home, having creamed smoked cod roe in the fridge and a packet of water crackers can give a girl some respect. I don't need diamonds when creamed cod roe or a new outfit from Fashion Fair does the trick.

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