Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Sunday Outing

It has been a few days since I blogged. I have forgotten what I have done except that I was sick with a virus and got another year older in age. My birthday had both anxiety and joy in the day. The best part was finally getting to the Celtic Tea Rooms (http://www.celtictearoom.com/) in Maleny. I did something that I really enjoyed to do for my birthday. Much better than last year when I was at someone else’s wedding. It was lovely to have the whole family doing something together this year. I was so tired from the silly virus that one glass of wine was enough to go to my head and so I was merry in Maleny listening to an Irish jam session. They sang Happy Birthday. “She loves the Hog’s Eye Man” was what we sang after our yummy meal when we were outside in the fairy garden. Rec had ordered a cake which we brought with us along with our one bottle of wine between four. I was surprised to be charged six dollars for the cake plates as if five dollars corkage wasn’t enough. Breville and Scoot had chicken cacciatore. Ange had a vegetarian Lasagne. Rec had a fillet steak and I had the beef Guinness pie. The birthday cake was plenty for dessert. We did not have time to go for a walk in Mary Cairncross Rainforest but some of us had a very quick look in the information centre which happened to be featuring edible native fruits and pods. Seems to be the theme of the month. Talking about wild food plants reminds me of my poor old Australian Rustic Butterfly pupa in the jar. Either it has been fried by the electromagnetic field around my computer or it is meant to go black. The silver markings are turning bronze. I am still hoping this is not decay but I guess it is conceivable that the plant had been sprayed some time before I even bought it.

The continuing war between Breville and his Boss

Last week Breville was asked to work on the weekend and he said he would rather not. In typical style, Mr boss man is now in punishment mode and has swapped Breville back to afternoon shift and only given him 3 days. I have lost my morning quiet time once again.

The upholstery business ran out of unskilled work for Scoot so he has not been at work since last Thursday but he has work tomorrow.

I had a meeting at work yesterday and today’s tutorials went well. I am feeling much better but Breville has been home for two days because he started vomiting on Monday. He wanted to blame the food at the Tea Rooms but Scoot and I both had upset tummies with the bug we had.

Welcome Zena and Thankyou Rec

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