Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Recovery Day

I spent a lot of the day in bed today. I knew Brenda was going to be at Sunland Shopping Centre at 2pm so I made the effort to meet her there. I said hi to her but I was too unwell to hang around and browse. I had some groceries to get. Sharon was there too with John’s daughter. Brenda therefore had company while she was waiting for her car to be fitted with tyres.

To Rob, I hope you are much better now. Keep up the fishing. And I hope you can understand that I am doing what I need to be doing.

To Deb, I deleted you from the blog and then reinvited you. I hope it works. Mum does not seem to think I should even be doing this. It may reveal a pretty horrible life as she says but I don’t expect to always be miserable. Let me know if the new design slows down your computer too much. It plays havoc with my resources but it is a bit of fun.

I think I have found a suitably priced man (you know what I mean) to mow the lawn…if I can get my neighbour to agree to getting hers done at the same time. The other guy cannot do it any more and I doubt if I will find anyone to do if for only $10 any more. His quote was far better than the last one I got.

This is the Carphalea I was talking about being in flower.

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