Saturday, April 19, 2003

I must be old, because I know the answers to at least half of this trivia quiz for oldies. I found it in the fibromyalgia newsgroup

THE ODDBALL WALL - Baby Boomer Trivia

Let's see how tuned in you are to the baby boomer generation.

1. Which TV show made, "Sock it to me!" a famous expression?
a. Sonny and Cher b. The Smothers Brothers c. Laugh In (Deb knows)

2. Which TV show used the tag line, "And now for something
completely different."
a. The Mod Squad b. Monty Python c. Hee Haw

3. Who made this line famous: Don't trust anyone over 30.
a. Abbie Hoffman b. Bob Dylan c. Andy Warhol

4. Who was the miner who stood six foot six and weighed 245?
a. Paul Bunyan b. Big John c. Big Bad Leroy Brown

5. Who sang the song, A Boy Named Sue?
a. Arlo Guthrie b. Ray Stevens c. Johnny Cash

6. On what show did the Beatles make their American debut?
a. Ed Sullivan b. American Bandstand c. Battle of the

7. She wore an itsy-bitsy, teeny weeny ________?
a. veil just like a magic genie b. yellow propeller on
her beanie
c. yellow polka dot bikini

8. Superman fought for truth, justice, and ________?
a. the American Way b. honor c. the triumph of good
over evil.

9. The Brylcreem slogan was...
a. Like drinking love from a bottle! b. A little dab’ll
do ya!
c. No more warts, sports!

What’s in a name?

And I just found here that one of the risk factors in developing Crohn’s disease is a Jewish ancestry. I thought it rather strange that my full Christian name means Jewish Lady.

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