Sunday, April 06, 2003

Marking Assignments
As the US penetrates close to the core of Bagdad, I continue to mark assignments. I made much better inroads today and am confident that I will finish the bundle that I have at home here tomorrow. There may be some late assignments handed in by students who have applied for extensions due to unforseen circumstances. I will deal with those at work on Tuesday if any.

Crohn’s Disease or is it Brett’s virus?
I am even less healthy today than yesterday. Gut pains this morning and much associated energy loss. I felt drained of life. As the gut improved during the day, so did my energy levels but all-over bodily aches and pains began to plague me later in the day. Brett came home with his cold all freshened up. He stayed the night at Nick’s place last night after leaving Roger to his other children and whatever he did between then and now seems to have made him worse with this cold that has hung on for a couple of weeks. He was sent home from work at Pelican Waters for two days because they did not want him sniffing all over the fruit. It was more usual for Brett to be accused of faking illness when he stayed at home sick so this time the tables had turned. Brett did not even feel that bad back then. Certainly he did not feel as bad as he sounded to them. It seems that one must sound sick before people even notice that you are not well. Noticing that someone is looking ill is something that most people do not do until the sick person is having a major problem maintaining normal mobility. Unless offcourse it is a cold that causes the red nose and the drip, or the flush of a fever. But who can see Lupus for instance before it becomes a life changing event?

Bin Night
I had a break from marking when I had a late sunbake outside on the banana lounge in the nude, when I did more washing, after tea when I watched TV and when I went to the market this morning for a short time. I also had to clean up the kitchen enough at least to fill the bins in readiness for the collection. There was junk mail everywhere for the recycle bin, Old Crow Bourbon cans from Scott and Ange to rinse and remove and a few things in the fridge that needed turfing out. It is still I who takes the bins out. I have asked the boys on occasion and if the did not forget they would probably get around to doing it…but they forget before they even get up out of the chair. Scott is much more likely to remember than Brett nowadays but I still have to ask.

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