Friday, April 11, 2003


I had an appointment at Shepherd Hearing yesterday…a follow-up on my Government Hearing Aids. I have not worn them much because the right one in particular has been giving me an earache. Yesterday’s appointment was spent shaving off bits of the devices for the sake of comfort. It is guesswork because I am not good at identifying where the minute spot of rubbing against my ear canal is occurring. I paid the yearly maintenance fee so that I can go back whenever I need more adjustments or more batteries.

I came home dizzy again. Later, Brett and I went up to Buddina to Harvey Norman. Brett bought an add-on for his flight simulator. He is now learning to captain a 747.

In the meantime, Scott was sent home from work because he had been vomiting. By the time we had got back home, he was gone…off partying with Ange somewhere. He came home after tea and went straight to bed…drunk.

Rob was still unable to do much without paying the price in chest pains. He has been wanting to attend to his boat so that he could take a mate out fishing. But it had to wait another day.


Brett will be going to work both today and tomorrow after lunch and Scott is at home still feeling nauseous and gurgly. I am grateful that today has nothing specific planned because my body and mind is still feeling exhausted. We seem to be a miserable bunch at the moment but it will pass.

I am looking forward to having enough energy to just clean up the house and garden. The camellia that Mum bought me last year is flowering and so too is the Carphalea (Flaming Beauty) that I bought about a month ago. But the weeds have got a good hold in places and the neglect is pretty obvious now. But there are some nice additions to the garden that are growing quite well. Brian, next door gave me a couple of “snowflakes” and a “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”. They are safely in the ground. I have a yellow Ixora in the NE corner and it should be very effective in brightening up that spot when it grows. Rob has given me two birdbaths. They match. One is just a little bowl mounted over a statue of a boy. The other is a more classic birdbath style. They are painted concrete I think. Heavy. Sadly, at the moment, they are lined with green sludge. I even have a Feijoa (Pineapple Guava) waiting to go in the ground that I got at the market a couple of weeks ago. A black passionfruit is also making its way up to the trellis that borders the Western fence. It will share space with Brian’s choko vine. There are chokos nearly ready for eating on it now. The rhubarb and leeks that I planted last year have never done well because there is not enough sun in that spot.

This dull damp day is probably just right for pottering around the house, napping and generally going my own pace so that is what I plan to do.

Scott and Ange have plans for tea but I guess Brett will not be going clubbing again or staying at Nick’s because he has work the next day. It means that having Friday nights to myself are a thing of the past. Perhaps I should go out with Brenda if I can muster the energy.

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