Friday, April 18, 2003

A pie that has heart foundation approval?

I did not know that you could get meat pies with the heart foundation tick. But I found a Pampas Shepherd Pie. The pastry and the instant potato were terrible. It looked much better than it tasted on Wednesday night.

Good Friday

Yesterday was another day of feeling good for 3 hours but today I have not felt weird at all because I have done whatever I wanted and I have only wanted to do stuff that is not energy consuming. I need a few more days like this of being totally stress-free. It is a bit boring though. Nevertheless, not having to pay the price of an outing has put me in a better mood and more capable of facing the morrow. I slept in late, and sat around on the computer almost all day. I am still installing stuff after my hard drive format over a month ago.

Brett has been home most of the time doing the same sort of thing on his computer. Scott has been out with Ange and is partying tonight at his friends’ place. Two nights in a row for him. Last night it was the pub with the boys. He loves not having to go to work because he does not like going to work day in and day out doing something that takes him away from Ange…but they have sorted out one money-related problem already because he is earning more now.

Brett and I had nice bream for tea thanks to Rob bringing down fish during a flying visit to Caloundra with his son Rob last night. I don’t really know why he really came down because he combines so many things into one trip that it is usually multi-purposed.

Yesterday, I had a facial, eyebrow wax and lash tint and I have decided that it was not worth the money I paid. I am getting old obviously because I was told that many ladies my age need upper lip waxing. I might do that next week. I am trying to look younger for my birthday I suppose because I really do not want to be a year older before this month is over.

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