Monday, April 21, 2003

Fairhill Followup

Here are some links to the trees Rob bought: Davidson’s Plum and
Aniseed Myrtle
Governor’s Plum is the closest thing I can get to mine but my tag does not say what the species is…just that it is the Flacourtia genus. Flacourtia indica and jangomas are also known as the Indian Plum. Flacourtia ramontchi
syn Flacourtia ramontschi is also known as the governor’s plum, botoko plum or madagascar plum. Seen Shipton's Flat in brackets after flacourtia sp. from the Cape.

This is the Australian Rustic Butterfly the Flacourtia hosts

Easter Monday

We are gearing up for roast pork for tea tonight. Not that I am doing much to contribute. I have decided that whoever really wanted the feed, gets the job of preparing it too. I am just too tired and dizzy. I guess yesterday was too long a day for me. I am going to go back to bed while the preparations are being made and hope that tomorrow is a better day. Maybe then I can deliver Brenda’s Easter egg. By the way it was Scott (and Ange by default) who volunteered to cook the meal. Brett has hooked his computer up to the television as a second monitor so that he can have two screens to distribute applications across. He has spent most of Easter playing online Army Ops….a virtual world created by the US Army simulating real army operations. It involves the use of squads, so Brett plays with a team and they talk to each other using realtime voice.

I tried to ring last night Zena, but your phone was switched off. I remembered fairly late to charge mine up so you may have tried to ring earlier.

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