Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Here are a couple of snaps of Scott at Moffat Beach (if this works).  We went there on Sunday for fish and chips while Ange planted strawberries.

I tried to post on Sunday but the connection timed out.  I placed a link to Rob's fishing log

It has been difficult for me to do much on the Net lately because my
connection is shared with Brett's computer and at night time it is even more
degraded with extra traffic.

Monday, I had three good hours doing housework before I felt yuk again so
I must be on the improve physically.

Today, was a long day at work.  I had to attend an 8am lecture before my
tutorials.  Brett did not work for Odi yesterday because he has had another roster change.  He is working on Thursdays again.  He wants two full days off per week and giving one of those days to Odi is not going to

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