Saturday, April 05, 2003

This and That
Today has been another fairly unproductive day marking-wise. I am chipping away at it…but I am not exactly performing at a professional speed. I’m generally tired but also a bit bored with it all. I got some washing done…the new sheets I bought at the 25% off day at K-Mart last week but now it is raining again. I cannot remember having a continuous week of fine weather for ages. I am sure that is why my back has been playing up so much. There is a real nip in the air in the evenings even though the temperature inside this house is still suiting short sleeves.

I have had heaps of phone calls since five o’clock. Nick looking for Brett, another Nick looking for Scott, Brett ringing from Roger’s phone wondering if Nick was looking for him, Rob ringing for me and Debbie ringing for me on her new mini mobile phone. It is not usual for heaps of phone calls to even get through because the line is usually tied up to the Net. When broadband is affordable for us, it will be good to have a free phone line once again.

Roger is in town
Some person that both the kids and Roger know, is getting married in Caloundra because the woman’s parents live here. Consequently Roger, Marlene, Zachary, Brenton, Billy and maybe Bianca are very close by tonight at the Gemini Resort in Golden Beach. Scott has been over there since about lunch time but when Brett finished work, they picked him up, and then, Brenton, Billy, Scott, and Brett rocked in here. Brett was told to get dressed up because they may be going out for tea. 20 minutes later, they were all gone again.

Opportunities in Fruit
The Golden Beach Fruit Shop is under new management and guess who bought the place…Odi. This guy used to run the convenience shop at Currimundi that Brett and Kaelym used to frequent. Odi knew all the young ones. He somehow ended up out of business and working for Frank for a time at Pelican Waters. He knows how good Brett is to work with. Today, he recognised me as Brett’s Mum and asked if I would ask Brett to work for him on at least Tuesday, which he thought, was Brett’s day off. That is the day he wants help unloading when he gets back from the markets. Also Friday. But now that Brett’s roster has changed, he has not got those days off at all. Odi has only been in the fruit business for a grand total of three days. Given all the hassles Brett has had with his bosses, he may or may not consider a change a good idea. The potential for more or even alternative work is there anyway. But Brett’s heart is set on working with computerised car gadgets with his Dad. I hope for the boys’ sakes, that Roger is successful. As usual, Roger is sounding very positive and optimistic about it all and is nearly ready to invest in some other expensive gadget that does all the work for you.

A tasty Diet
Rob’s friend Greg has a girlfriend who swears by seafood extender as a way to lose weight. No fat. All you have to do is eat it for breakfast, lunch and tea. It is really just fish with crab flavour. Yeah I know, there is usually sugar added but still there is no fat. She says it works for her. Some people swear by SubWay Subs (rolls).

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