Tuesday, April 08, 2003

One of Those Days
I should be happy because I have finished my marking. But I am not. I had some marking and record keeping to do at work and spent more time discussing some work-related issues with Sherrill so it was a long day and I came home and tried to have a sleep. Later, Brett told me that he had a message on message bank from someone about the Hypermax mix-up. It was after hours by then but telephone banking has now revealed that all is not well and now my account is overdrawn and the Contents Insurance has not even gone through. I guess the rent is more important, and it went through leaving the overdrawn amount. Now I expect automatic dishonour fees from my credit union…which I will be hitting Hypermax for. Transaction history reveals no credits from Hypermax in the past two days despite the fact that I had those phone calls that said everything was in place for a complete reversal. I even said thankyou. I really thought that they could not possibly stuff up a reversal twice but they have. Another day on the phone tomorrow I can see. If I had not been at work today, I would have been on top of it.

I am really tired, dizzy and trying to fight off this virus thingy that Brett is still suffering from. I think Brett is going to give ODI a day next Tuesday at the new fruit shop but it may not be worth the effort because he cannot claim the tax-free threshold twice. Brett did not go to work with Roger because he was feeling too sick himself.

Scott is always worn out after work and goes to bed before I can get many details out of him but I think his boss is happy with him. He seems to have trouble putting in a full day’s work and having some spare energy left over in the day to enjoy. He reminds me of me and I feel sorry for him. He may have spent some time with Roger today after work but I have not been told about it (yet). All I know that Roger told him and Ange that he would get a unit in his name for them to live in because he wants a place to stay when he is working down this way. But at the same time, he is also saying that he cannot afford it just yet.

I am having trouble getting on the Net again and my CD-burner is not reading my PCUSER magazine disks which I have been trying to have some fun with but I am only getting totally annoyed at everything spinning, blue screens of death and rebooting. I hate working with obsolete computers when I have to make them do jobs beyond their capability. I think the CD-burner uses up too many resources even just trying to read a disk let alone burning one. Everything is so time-consuming when it does not work first time.

When I can’t get on the Net, I cannot talk to Rob because I cannot get him on the telephone. The new wide-area 25c calls are a great saving for us because before we were paying STD (community call timed) rates. It means sacrificing Neighbourhood call rates but that does not effect me much because the only other number I ring in the Golden Beach exchange is the doctor’s surgery. I wonder if wide area calls are available between Mum and Debbie.

The mobile phone rang this evening and when I went to answer it, the screen just died. I had it on the charger up until going to work today. The only reason I really need a mobile phone is to have a means of contact if I break down in the car on the highway and, I guess now that it is not even lasting a full day, it is no longer providing much security. Cripes, it is only just a year old

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