Sunday, April 20, 2003

The Easter Bunny Came

Easter greetings first came from My
Grocery Shop
when they delivered my order Easter Saturday morning; a complimentary bag of caramel eggs. More greetings came from Mum and Zena (alias sister) via a quick mobile phone call that night. Scott and Ange stayed together in my lounge room both Friday and Saturday night so they were around for the Easter Bunny – me. I gave Rob his boxed egg and pineapple-flavoured confection on Thursday night when he made that flying visit. Scott got an orange-flavoured version of the same thing and Ange got the strawberry. Brett never wants Easter eggs unless they are solid or filled with flavoured fondant or caramel or such like. He particularly likes Cadbury’s cream eggs so he got one of those and a packet of solid eggs from this Easter Bunny. The Easter Bunny was given a chocolate Easter bunny from Scott and Ange – Red Tulip too.

Fairhill Native Plant Nursery – Yandina

I drove up to Yandina to visit the native nursery looking for a variety of Grevilleas to choose from. Rob drove down from Tewantin and met me there. We ended up becoming more fascinated with the wild food plants than anything else. Rob ended up with a Davidson’s Plum which can be successfully grown indoors, and an Aniseed Tree. Wonderful to eat the leaves…just like aniseed rings or black jelly beans. I took home a Cape Plum that is both bird attracting and butterfly attracting as well as being a dense windbreak for the Southerlies on my back fence (I think). It gets heaps of red new growth, and the berries are edible and sweet. I have no idea what the flowers look like yet…except that they are going to be small fluffy and cream coloured. Everything in one plant it seems…..even suitable for tubs. The really cool thing about this 3X2m bushy shrub is that it is the major food source for the Australian Rustic Butterfly and I had accidentally brought home a pupa…..the likes of which I have never seen before. The pupa itself looks like a grub attached to the leaf at the back end, head hanging down and the really pretty part is the silver markings that look like liquid mercury, often topped with a black dot and a black hair. I’ll keep it in a jar. I looked up my butterfly book and this is a butterfly common up north, Cairns, Thursday island etc and was first named in Cooktown when the Endeavour was beached there by Banks and Solander in 1775. It was also known as Governor’s plum. If it will hatch in my jar, I will let it go to lay eggs on my new tree I guess.

Here is Fairhill’s Bush tucker page for Rob.

I have another blog

Metaphysical Winsights is the name of my other blog. This is a public blog but it has not been advertised in a search engine [yet]. I have not edited the blogger template to include the appropriate meta tags. I am trying to find a way to interest people enough to make a reasonable number of hits on my site so that I can try to make some money from affiliate advertising like half the rest of the web community does. Including Rob. Metaphysical Winsights may not be something that attracts enough visitors and it is difficult to get into affiliate programs while your site attracts few visitors. But it is a job that one can do from home like getting paid to fill in online forms and read email. Like everything else that has the potential to make money, time must be invested. I am not sure whether I am willing to devote that sort of time to sitting at a computer particularly when I am well and wanting to be more active. I am just getting some idea of the time it takes to update web material daily….. this blog is an example. It is fairly time-consuming stuff. The reward may not be worth it especially when it ceases to be a novelty but if I lose my tutoring next year, I guess it may be all I can do for myself in the short term. I am not driven by financial need while I have my job and both boys paying me rent. But I can always use some extra pocket money and paddling around in cyberspace helps to keep me in touch with technical advances.

Mr Rec Fisher is now a disability Pensioner

It is very good news…at last. Much better than Newstart for old farts [joke].

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