Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Blogger was not loading pages properly so I did not post last night.

The mornings are mine

Now both the boys are getting up in the morning early for work. Brett is still up at the main shop but doing morning shift till 1pm every week day. Having both days back on the weekend has made him happy. Scott has a really scungy boss. He pays him a set amount per day and if he agrees to start an hour earlier in the morning or stay back, he gets no more pay to show for it, so when his boss asked him to start at 6:30am instead of 7:30 again, he said no thanks. Scott would prefer to go strawberry picking with Ange when the season is in full swing so I think that is what will happen.

It is not fair

I cancelled my beauty appointment today because yesterday I began developing a slight sore throat and fluey aches. It seems I have caught the same thing that Scott has been complaining about. I was just getting over the effect of having Brett’s illness in the house. Scott has not been able to sleep properly at night either and he was sweaty in bed. Last night it was my turn to be woken in a lather and it was the coldest night of the year so far. It is one of those strange bugs with nothing particularly specific to complain about except a headache, body aches and some mucus down the back of the throat and an occaisional dry cough and lack of appetite.

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