Saturday, December 18, 2010

B's Lungs  Pneumothorax

Friday 10th Dec - to Gympie Hospital to have 3 pieces of steel removed from his eye - it happened to Roger all the time I remember.

Sunday 12th Dec - 6.30am.  He bends down to sit on the toilet and he felt that pop and squelch that meant a hole in his lung.

8am Ambulance to Gympie hospital

Ultrasound revealed nothing and he was going to be sent home

Midday - xray revealed a small hole in the upper section of the right lung this time and a partial collapse from there upwards.  Very large and hurtful needle sucks out 150ml of air between his lung and ribcage.  He was put on oxygen and asked to stay in hospital for observation pending further xrays Monday.

Monday 13th No change in the condition of the lung - had to stay in hospital for another 24 hours till next xray

Tuesday 14th No change in the condition of the lung but he was allowed to come home anyway if he promised not to smoke and rest.

Thursday 15th xray revealed he was mended so he went straight to R's to catch up on work with doctor's permission conditional on avoiding heavy work.

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