Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Facebook Correspondence


J 28 December at 20:55
If you are so obsessive-compulsive that you cannot eat my cooking then you can come here once a week and cook my food for both of us. Win-win. I think.
S 29 December at 09:08 Report
sorry mum, You have to respect my lifestyle. You would clean the house up for Nanna and Debbie, And no I can't eat in that enviroment
We will see what happens I have connor comeing for a week before he goes back to School.
J 29 December at 09:12
I did have the house cleaned up by Xmas Dinner and I did warn you not to come early and it was no worse than anyone else's house who had someone busy cooking in the kitchen. You over-reacted big time. I have photos of the mess and it is no worse than the mess you make when cooking. So when we have a meal together, you can cook and I will take the photos!

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