Saturday, December 18, 2010

Connor says
"Apparently Connor thinks the lingo is all the same for dogs and humans etc. He told his mate yesterday that i was sexed not desexed and thats why im having a baby...LMFAO!!!!Bahahaaaaaaa. So gorgeous the things he comes out with sometimes. Will have to remind him of that one at the 21st i think ;)"

Copied from Ange's Facebook

Roxy was S's girlfriend and she wrote to me on Facebook:

Roxy 25 August 2010 at 23:10 Report
Yeah we are all good thanks. I have two boys now so they keep me very busy. I have forwarded below what S wrote. It hasn't upset me it just made no sense and it sounded like he was really depressed and it worried me. I haven't talked to him in ages and he just sent me that out of the blue and then went off facebook. Good to hear he is studying i really hope he is ok. Are you still here on the coast?

I can’t handle this anymore, Sure you are worried though if you were the love of my life I am sure you and I would appreciate the fact we could NEVER let this happen. I find it horrific
I really want a good life Roxanne I have been through hell and I know you want that for me!
I had to send this, they give me hell over you all the time
Please don’t reply even if to say what or whatever, I really don’t need it like I don’t think I really needed to send this.

Bye Roxy. 
Actually quite a few have commented to Brett asking what is wrong with Scott because of his strange posts on Facebook that no-one can understand.

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