Sunday, December 05, 2010

He Has Given Notice Already!

Yesterday was the only day that I have not seen the son who "moved on".  He was here on Friday before picking up C from school for the weekend (to use the Internet) and he was here when I woke up this afternoon after the longest day sleep I have had for ages - 4.5 hours.  As usual, he woke me up and I am still waking up an hour later.  He has gone again now.  I thought he would have been dropping C back but as it turned out Ange (who is now officially engaged to Pauly) picked C up from Brightwater.  I guess he was using the Internet but maybe there was something else.   He was telling me that he has given notice to move out again in two weeks because he feels Brent is wanting him to take his side in dealings with Brents ex-wife and because he won't take sides he thinks Brent is pointing the finger at him somehow and because S is a real estate agent, he thinks that Brent is pointing the finger at him for that too.  So it was S who said that he didn't think it would work out and Brent who said he had to stay for the 2 weeks he already paid and then me who said that I have already sent the paperwork to Housing to take him off this house.  He is looking at another place on the way home. *Sigh*.

As for me, I am just trying to unwind but he keeps coming back.  The heart-rate monitoring is interesting but I cannot do much without going over threshold and now that I am resuming chores more, that means it is over all the time that I am on my feet and sometimes way, way over like the level of having moderate to heavy exercise in the gym.  But the peculiar thing is that if I am standing working/making coffee in the kitchen it goes way over threshold but if I walk slowly with arms hanging, I can bring it back down.  It seems working with my upper body is a no-no which seems to coincide with this migraine I get when I drive roundabouts or hang up washing.  When I am vulnerable, like now, even typing on the computer with my arms in normal typing position puts a strain on my heart....yet I can sit in the same chair with hands in lap and be totally under threshold.  Maybe there is something going on in my neck/shoulders that is not just a chiropractic matter.  Anyway while standing still starts my legs shaking, I certainly won't be doing much so the kitchen bench and anything at a height where I don't have to bend is already collecting a mess.  But it is saving me!  I hated it when S would put everything away - especially the sugar way up on top of the cupboard.  I did love the benches being clear from an aesthetic point of view but for me it is just not practical.

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