Thursday, December 30, 2010

Doxycyline for Chest

Dr Fleur Thomas sent me for a chest x-ray and has ordered tests for pertussis serology, mycoplasma, legionella, FBE, ESR, E/LFTs, TSH, but I have not had blood taken because the late appointment meant I ran out of time because after walking in both directions both the local QML and X-ray were closed for the Season so I only got the x-ray done.  It is a bit of a shame because I have some antibiotics I need for a chest infection she heard but cannot take them until the blood test is done.  Anyway, I had had enough and was not going to race to get there.  Maybe 6am tomorrow which means I can get in the antiobiotics after breakfast which themselves will bring their own problems.

I feel shocking, every single bit of me hurts and I am coughing more again but I am not on my last legs yet.  Would love something that would take away the pains though including the glands.  I am sitting here in the humidity with a scarf around my neck.

I told Fleur I had already mentioned a cough to Jo last time I was there. No comment.  Fleur automatically took my blood pressure too - but made no comment.  And she does believe in CFS but it is not a special interest.  I would not say we clicked - don't think that has ever happened with me for a doctor except the old guy who retired was my favorite because he was good for a joint effort at solving a problem.  I'll never forget that woman who told me not to come back when she did not believe I was having withdrawals from anti-depressants. Doctors hate me except the ones who are up for a challenge and even they give up after a while when the rewards aren't forthcoming. I guess not many have been able to put another mark on their chalkboard and say "case solved" when it comes to me.  And I'd like to see an episode on "House" (That's a TV show Mum) with one of those dying people with CFS/ME featured.

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