Thursday, December 02, 2010

Son Moves Out and More Blackouts

Just had another 3 hour blackout this time.  So the phones and Internet have been out and it is affecting half the shops in Golden Beach including the new supermarket.  It may go out again so I will make this brief.  He was at the beach last night, fell asleep there and came home when it started to rain at about 4am.  The lights were back on by then but they went off before 8am again.

I am absolutely so sick, shaking, wobbly, heart racing, aching, head inside noises so loud I can't hear Scott when he speaks even though I normally can with out aids, and worried because he keeps packing stuff of mine as soon as lie down.  Just little things to him - like my sheets - the newest ones ofcourse.  I know I cannot possibly keep up with his craftiness and I know my cane table is in the car and if I get it back it will be because I remember to ask once again.  He has taken the mattress off the sofa bed because he cannot take the inner spring bed in his car.

I am supposed to go to the doc later and I bet they are behind because they would have been without power too.  Maybe I can lie in a spare doc room to wait????  I am not getting better anyway...yet.  I had to help Flora with no candles and boiling water on gas bottles for me so generally excess activity and excess heart rate.

Goodbye S

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