Tuesday, December 07, 2010

From Brightwater, Kawana; to Warana; to Vulva

I told you he gave notice but it seems he got his bond back and has moved out of the most advertised real estate community on local TV already.  By now he should have met up with the next co-tenant who I hope is more to his liking.  He phoned first but then ended up coming here to use the Internet and phone before he met up with this new person.  He had conveniently forgotten the Street name this time so I do not know where he is.  He is allowed to move in tonight.

I am seeing a pattern to his house moves in connection with his mobile phones.  He got a new number last week and got another sim card today.  He sure knows how to make a lot of trouble for himself.  Having to change his address on everything is bad enough but the phone number too so that his past contacts lose him and if it were me, I guess I would suspect the worst if he happened to owe money.  You and I both know that this is not a calculated evasion of his responsibility and much more likely to be related to his own personal thoughts about karma, numerology or something more psychotic.  I now have no idea how to contact him because he left me before giving me the number saying that he would phone again later.

It sounds like he has not found a job that at least pays a retainer in the time since he left here.

When he phoned from a public phonebox, at first I thought it was Brett with a cold, they sounded alike but the cold part meant - Brett would have been feeling sorry for himself because he usually is bright enough on the phone.  Anyway, it wasn't Brett feeling down, it was Scott and he sounded normal for him, but if I spoke like that it would be down-in-the dumps for me too - which is another story - except to say that I feel somewhat better today but my glands are still sore and you can add another stupid syndrome to my list too. It all started with laching eggs.

vulvodynia - yet another controversial diagnosis

And here's wonderful interactive diagram of the vulval area Have fun and mouse over the bartholan"s gland text and duct and then imagine the trip to hospital when I had to get a Bartholan's abscess removed - I wonder if that means I am minus a duct now?

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