Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Results of the National Bowel Screen and Jan

"The result of your faecal blood test was NEGATIVE". Yippee, that means no more lasering up of those gastric angioectasia.

Nevertheless, I am so ill with something and it is connected to this cough I have had for a month and a half no doubt.  I now wonder if it is a flare-up of the Micoplasma Pneumoniae I had once or the Glandular Fever.  I am not getting better with my own immune system so I am going to a different doctor today. I ache so badly.  I just know that if antibiotics are prescribed, I am going to end up feeling much worse (profuse watery diarrhea) before I feel better assuming I am not totally allergic to them - tetracycline.  This all started after Jan was diagnosed with whooping cough.

ADDENDUM:  Now she tells me she doesn't think it was whooping cough - her swab came back negative.

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